About Me

A no-nonsense Credit Management Consultant with a passion for Order-to-Cash, automation and process optimization that wants to add value to a company.

With over 15 years of working experience in Finance, I feel really comfortable between numbers. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll, I have all done it. However, over time I was clear to me that Accounts Receivable (and everything around it) made my heart beat faster and so I decided to get specialized in the field of Credit Management.

I have a huge affinity with automation and process optimization and am happy that I was able to gain a lot of experience the last couple of years. Especially during my implementation of Maxcredible and SAP FSCM (modules Credit Management, Collections Management and Dispute Management).

Organisations work hard to bring beautiful products or services to the market and have the right to a prompt payment thereof. If this is not happening, this could have huge consequences for companies. As a Credit Management Consultant I will do everything for my clients to prevent that this could harm them.

Luckily Credit Management departments are getting more and more common within in companies and are no longer “just an” Accounts Receivable department. By bringing automation and efficiency in to your Credit Management department, your Credit Collectors / Controllers can focus on what is really important: Customer contact!

JVB Credit Management supports and assists you in structuring and optimizing your entire Credit Management process.

Kind regards,
Jeroen van Bakel

How can I help your organization?

Your desires

  • Maximize sales with minimum risks
  • Insight into your debt portfolio
  • Cost reduction
  • Lower your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • Optimize your Order-to-Cash (O2C) and Credit Management process
  • A clear Credit Management policy
  • A good relationship with you sales and customer service departments

The goal

  • Focus on the right (healthy) customers
  • Create effective reports
  • Reduce bad debt write offs
  • Improve your collection strategy
  • Implement or restructure Credit Management Software
  • Satisfied customers and employees
  • Optimal collaboration with your sales and customer service departments

The approach

  • Customer credit approval and segmentation
  • Analyse and give insight into your debt portfolio
  • Reduce open invoice with extreme aging in order to release bad debt provision
  • Mapping of current Order-to-Cash and Credit Management processes
  • Propose possible improvements and implement these
  • Assist and train employees
  • Building bridges between departments

I gained my knowledge and experiences at the following companies:

Payment behavior facts in The Netherlands

Avg. Payment term B2C
Avg. Payment term B2B
% Sales on credit B2B
% Late payment due to disputes

What is Credit Management

Most people think that the Accounts Receivable or Credit Management department are the same. Unfortunately this is a common misconception. Credit Management is more comprehensive and Accounts Receivable is an important part of it.

What are the responsibilities of a Credit Management department?

The most important aspects of a Credit Management department are: sending out correct invoices, timely collection of open invoices, assessing credit risks, hold or release goods and maintain customer contact. With these tasks, a Credit Management department is able to ensure the continuity of cash flow.

A Credit Management department often oversees the entire Order-to-Cash (O2C) process and can therefore ensure that risks are already excluded before an order is placed and or products / services are sold. Think about a credit worthiness check upfront.

What good is Credit Management?

Within any organization, all roles and departments are important and add value.
Unfortunately Credit Management is often not (yet) seen as a separate department independent of the Finance department and therefore does not get the attention it deserves. Despite the fact that this department can make a positive contribution to the cash flow of an organization. And improving your cash flow means that there is more money to invest, pay vendors and / or repay loans.

But what about Credit Management as a tool for customer satisfaction?

Invoices often remain unpaid or get paid past due date due to incorrect invoicing, incomplete delivery of goods, or services that have not been provided. An active Credit Management department can track down such issues by pro-actively get in contact with their customers (even before an invoice gets due) and to solve such problems. Doing this pro-active will benefit in terms of customer satisfaction.

So as you see, nowadays a Credit Manager / Credit Controller is not just someone who processes invoices and call customers for overdue invoices. It’s someone that has commercial skills, customer orientated and of course has a financial background.